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Riding Side Seat In MH9(transport module)Look Around Controls Become Reversed(reveals headless soldier)
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I have made a mission using the Support Provider: Helicopter Transport Module. While in route to my placed marker, the controls become backwards and I cant look around like normal. I believe this is produced by going into 3rd person and then looking all around..switch back to 1st person and bamm..super backwards. I then will be staring at the headless soldier(me). I try to look back our away from the headless soldier/chopper and the controls are confused.

I dont think we are suppose to see the Headless Soldier..ever.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to editor
  2. player[sync]support requester[sync]support provider:helo trans[sync]MH9
  3. call for pick up and place LZ marker far away
  4. while in route Switch to 3RD Person-Look Around-Switch Back to 1st Person
  5. Controls become backwards and now can rotate cam to see "headless player"
Additional Information

Maybe In step 4 I am looking "behind" the soldier when I switch back to 1st person. I am then immediatly staring at the Headless Player, when I think the cam should auto correct to a natural perspective of the player

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oh and by the way..

you guys are awesome and I thank you soooo much for all your realism/detail and hard work!

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