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LMG prone position recoil and aim-climb
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I was experiencing a very bad feeling with Light Machine Guns.
They got a biped but , when in prone position, still their aim climbs up alot after the first round have been shot, making them extremely inefficient.
LMG when in prone position shouldn't really have that kind of an effect since all the recoil is put on the soldier shoulder and the barrel is stabilized by the biped.


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Game Physics
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Found this "physic error" in the infantry showcase and once in multi player when i had the rare chance to get one of those.

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The effect should be a significant loss of precision after shooting a 3 round burst, but definitely not the lifting of the barrel

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I have shot an MG during my military was like firing a laser gun when proned...not much recoil that lifts the barrel.
you can just aim that thing while shooting by looking at the tracer stream...and not caring much about recoil!

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Wanted to report this myself, voted this one up!

I dont want to pretend to be a Weapons expert or anything, i've only shot one kind of MG in my life, a few times. But while i recall it having one hell of a recoil hitting your shoulder it hardly climbed (when shot prone).

agreed, and recoil(if any) should be settled automatically in this case due to gravity (soldier is not actually holding the hand guard with his left hand in this stance).

Overdone barrel climb has a separate (high voted) ticket on the tracker.

As for the bipods, they are not currently deployable, but it's on the wish list. (See top voted tickets.)

All things considered, the issues mentioned here are covered elsewhere.