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waypoints and waypoint links for civilian trigger trigger set to detect civilian
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when a waypoint, linked to a civilian, is placed inside a trigger radius the trigger will detect the waypoint as a civilian even if the actual civilian is not inside the trigger radius.
Even worse; When the link line between waypoint A and waypoint B cross the trigger radius it will also trigger as if the civilian is present.


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Steps To Reproduce

place civilian
make waypoint A for civilian
make waypoint B for civilian
place trigger; init once civilian is present
make the link line between waypoint A and waypoint B cross the trigger radius

repeat above; except put waypoint B inside trigger radius.

notice that the trigger is triggered as soon as the mission is started, rather than when the civilian vehicle moves inside the trigger radius.

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Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.