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Cannot Trade Places With Other Occupants in Helicopter
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While playing the demo helicopter single-player mission, I decided to go inside the passenger cabin to see what extra gear I can equip. During my gearing up, the assault team (aka, passengers) were boarding the heli.

After I grabbed my extra gear, I scrolled for an option to change seats from Passenger to Pilot. No Pilot option was available. So I got out of the heli and moved next to the cockpit. There was still no Pilot option. And one of the passenger is sitting in the Pilot seat.

There is no way to enter the heli as the Pilot if an AI occupies that seat.

So I restarted the mission and let the whole assault team enter first. Then I thought to try if I can still enter the passenger compartment. No deal. I can only enter the empty seat (Pilot).

The player should be given the option to enter, swap, leave any seat in any vehicle.


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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

A decision was made to allow switching seats in vehicles only in a way to somehow reflect real-life plausibility + we've made some exceptions for sake of a better game-play.

So you should be able to change seats inside a MRAP, but you should not be able to move from a Offroad's flatbed to the cabin or from a helicopter's cargo space to cabin (or vice versa).

oukej added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 12:59 PM

One more bug is described here. It was a bug specific to Helicopter Showcase. Player should not be able to enter anywhere else than the pilot's seat in this mission. (modified some time ago).

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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