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Different detonators for different explosives
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How many times have you had more than 1 explosive placed at once, but had to detonate either all or none of them? Let's say you have a satchel placed on the road for an ambush, but you also have another satchel placed further along the road either for more destruction or in case someone tries to escape. But then you run into a dilemma, if you blow up the first satchel you also have to blow up the second satchel at the same time.

My solution is to add the ability to add detonators to each explosive that uses "touch off", this way we can group certain explosives together and have individual explosives. What if you want to place a satchel down on the road but also cover your back with a claymore? Once you see or hear that enemy behind you, you can either blow up the claymore and the satchel at the same time or risk a firefight.


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You could have as well in the action menu ...lets say you installed 3 bombs.

  • Touch Off Bomb1
  • touch Off Bomb2
  • Touch Off Bomb3

I am also voting on this, it really limits the game to have to touch off all the bombs at the same time. I do not feel that it will be that tough to fix...

Agreed. Each explosive should have its own detonator. Absolutely.

How do you recognize which detonators belong to which bombs? See how messy action menu is when you list all doors...

Well that would be up to the user.. if i place 3 bombs in 3 different places i'm supposed to remember that detonator #1 is for the bomb #1 placed in the position X and so on..

I also propose a physical item, an actual detonator, that shows up in the inventory, an can be held and used, similarly to a firearm.

Shouldn't be hard to model and "attach" the action

Zeloran, it wouldn't be nearly that complex. You could even limit it to a certain amount, but I think the average ArmA player is fully capable of keeping track of mulitple detonators.

omg, look at ACE, already resolved, each bomb when planting show you hint message with %NAME #ID

It could work where you could assign different explosives to a sort of "group". What I mean by this is you could place two explosives and have them detonate separately, or you could link them together and detonate them at the same time. This would cut down on scroll menu clutter and you could organize controlled explosions easily.

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the detonators should be a physical item in your inventory that are picked up with the explosives and replaced with the explosives after they have been planted.

depending on the explosive complexity, you can have either 1:1 detonator:explosive, or a single detonator to multiple explosives that can have its frequency/range adjusted (similar to ACE radios)

good idea, TPenn!

I was just about to suggest this myself ^vote

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