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Game freezes when i go into Inventory
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Whenever i go into inventory(not when i touch "I") but when i go near a gear box and go into inventory, the game automatically freezes. This happens during multiplayer.

This causes me to much distress, since its happens in a few seconds, because i ALWAYS have to go to the gear box to get items that are necessary for my survival.


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Not A Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log on Arma 3

2)Go into multiplayer
3)Click on a server
4)Click on a class and press "ok"
5)Spawn into the game

  1. Approach a gear box

7)Browse weapons and items

Additional Information

Important massage: When ever i go into a server, when tis loading, i get a pop up massage, that notifies me that a certain weapon or texture is not present, which forces me to "close" it. Then i spawn into the Game.

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Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

When reporting crash in MP ,
please state TYPE and NAME of the MISSION/MOD you are playing, how many players were playing at the time etc. Try to provide as much info as possible.
If the crash is happening when playing custom MAP/MOD,try to reproduce the crash also on our official Arma III missions.

Also what error messages are you getting?

I upload the Dxdiag that has every info on my laptop, but can't seem to upload the *Arma 3 Alpha: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\* File, even though i created a rapidshare account earlier.

The type of game was "Team Death match"
and the Name was the Mission was "24TVT Base+Respawn"
There was about 19 players

The Error code i recieve is

" No Entry
It gives an option to "close" it, so i close it, and i'am able to spawn in game.

but when i spawn in game, i always go for the gear box, and then as i browse the items and weapons i freeze, my screen freezes. but i can still hear people speaking on mic.

I juts converted the ArmaAlpha file into RAR (after watching some videos) and uploaded it on the rapidfire account, how do i send it here ? do i just redownload it and attach file on here.

Here is the download link

yes, please attach the file here. Unable to download from RS

I attached the file and uploaded it but it says the file size is to big. Was the conversation to ".rar" suppose to make it smaller ?

This error that occurs only happens with user created content, i do not experiance the error during "escape from straitis ".

The file is 12MB, i don't know how to go lower then that.

It was 15MB before and i made it into 12MB.

Just upload it somewhere else then rapidshare or allow other to download from your RS

Is this still valid?

Outdated. Open a new ticket if new issues arise.