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Airconditioning in Offroad Car to low
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Take a look at the Aircon inside the Offroad Car...its freezing cold! {F18050}


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You should have the game taken away from you, you do realize that each one of these is looked at and it wastes time just saying

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oh how friendly of you!
you realize i categorized it as minor? we are supposed to report things that are not realisitc/correct!

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I bet that this is easter egg made on purpose ^^

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Yeah in the Mediterranean you'd need it like that in summer. Have tried changing the date to winter in the editor and checking again lol

i have driven a Car in the Mediterranean during summer with a defekt AirCon (always full on). i need to wear a jacket inside the car, because it was way to cold! outside it was like 28-30°C

Does not affect gameplay in the slightest; too trivial.