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Hunter GMG Zeroing terribly wrong
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When using the Hunter GMG's gun at a distance the zeroing has issues. The range increase seems ok upto 800m but 1000/1200m seems too much in terms of elevation compensation. also upto 800m seems to drop well short when aiming at elevated positions.

The biggest issue though is that when set to 1500m it fires like it's set to 300m


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enter editor
spawn Hunter GMG player as gunner
set zeroing to 1500m then fire
reduce zeroing one step then fire once at each range
See the error at 1500 and the 1000/1200m issue

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Elevation should be taken into account, it's realistic, its different when shoot at something that's at the same hight as you are then to something that is lower or higher

Unless I completely misunderstood your post

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I understand elevated targets may need further adjustment and on revisiting 800 I think it's not too bad at elevation. The higher zeroing is a problem though. One example was the car spawn on the stratis runway aiming at the house on the hill north of the radio tower. it was 800m away and the shells fell short when zeroing set to 800m. I put this down to elevation so upped the zeroing to 1000m shot a few shells at the same aimpoint and nothing. no impacts anywhere as if they'd flown straight over so I fired continuously while lowering the aim and I had to aim severely low to hit the same hill that 800m had shells falling short for. (I also tried 600m and it behaved as you'd expect, the shells fell some distance shorter)

The 1500m setting almost drops the shells at your feet lol, but that's obviously a bug and not fine tuning

If I'm just being really dumb, then I'll put my hands up but I tried a few different things and it seems the same

Ok just did another test. along a flat terrain 1000m zeroing works, but not on elevation. Tried 1200m and the rounds disappear, even aiming as low as you can to the floor they just fly off your ammo count and do nothing

Dupe of #0001246.