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Arma 3 Crashes randomly and i dont know the reason
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Well when I launch the game everything works out just fine but than after a few minutes like 10minutes it crashes and if I launch it again I would like have less time so imagine i start with 15 minutes of gameplaying than it crashes so I launch it again I only have 10 minutes. I dont know what's happening... Please help


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I just want you to know that my computer isn't the best I would put the specs of my computer in here but if you want to tell me;

I can play Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead with no problems and Low or High (Depends on 3D resolution all of that advanced settings) but with arma 3 well... Maybe I just need a better computer, if you could please tell me :)

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Offcourse they want the specs and logs.

Follow the guide on or they wont be able to make anything with your report.

Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

Closing due to lack of information / no response in a long time.

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