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unable to take clothing from crates in multiplayer
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This occured when playing as a diver.

When adding clothing and vests to the gear of a crate a player will not be able to take them from the crate, even after dropping his own gear first.

In this particular situation the players were spawned as divers.

When playing this in lan alone you will be able to take the clothing, however as soon as you play online with others you'll not be able to take clothing from the crate. {F18040}


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Steps To Reproduce

Ammo box, remove standard items.
add clothing items (vests, backpacks)
spawn as diver
play with 2 or more players in an online session
drop your clothing on the floor
try to take a uniform / vest / backpack / helmet.
Some helmets work without problems. The rest doesn't.
Play same mission alone in editor as preview or as lan.
everything works without problems.

Additional Information

added a mission file to simulate the situation as it occured in my mission.

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Looks like the Host can still change clothes in Multiplayer, but all guests cannot.

Duplicate of #0001478.