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Alpha keys can't play multiplayer
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So the fact that the people we send our alpha invites to can't play multiplayer with us is pretty messed up, largely because that's really the only way to play the game right now. I gave my friend the invite because I wanted to play WITH him, so that he can really check out the game and have a good time playing it thus be more likely to actually BUY it, not have him look at a game that he can't actually play. Once again, this is seriously messed up and it needs to be changed.


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I voted up because i want to play also with my friends.

Its about the showcase missions, it was known when the alpha started bro, nothing wrong here.

voted down, as it was already stated alpha lite wont have multiplayer or modding support. so this isn't a bug so why have you listed this as major and priority high, just wasting developers time
proberly get more luck posting this in BI forums

ps. if the alpha lite had multiplayer, hackers would be running wild
as soon as they got banned they would just send the invite to another account

the lite version is for your friends to see the new features and test if they can run it. when the game is released there will most likely be a demo with multiplayer support

Voted down as ryan said it was stated that the alpha lite would not have that feature if you really want to play with your friends buy the alpha for them.

Ok you have a good point there, this isn't really the place for this. Unfortunately it's up now and I can't really take it down. I obviously didn't get the memo that the alpha invites we recieved wouldn't have access to the multiplayer, but then why call them alpha invites at all since all the content right now is in the multiplayer? It's really just a demo, not a true alpha invite.

And in response to the hacking point you brought up, that's a pretty dumb way of looking at it honestly. Hackers are pretty much already running rampant. And taking away the ability for people who either don't have a lot of money to put towards games, or people who want to check out the game before they buy it, to actually play the game will make them much less likely to buy this game.

And to add another point, the steam description of the alpha invites mentions nothing about the fact that they will only be able to play the showcases. "3 Alpha Lite Invites (not yet available) – Introduce your friends to Arma 3 by inviting them to the free invite-only Arma 3 Alpha Lite (available from March 14, 2013 until June 18, 2013)." This gave me the impression that I would actually be able to play with the people I gave them to. But that's probably just because I don't really check game websites very often.

P.S. The people I sent my invites to actually decided not to buy the game because they couldn't actually do anything in the alpha lite. They also stated that if they had actually been able to play with me or my other friends and had a good time playing it they would have likely bought it.

It's clearly stated on the purchase page that Alpha lite keys DON'T get multiplayer. Treat lite keys as "benchmark demo", to see if your friend's computer hand handle the game.

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I can't believe this was posted

It is called Alpha LITE. The comparison between different editions can be found here:

The game isn't free-to-play and BIS had to come up with some restriction for LITE to encourage people to actually buy the game. How many people do you think would do that if they could play multiplayer just fine?

See if he enjoys the SP, then if so he can buy into the alpha/full game. You clearly didn't pay attention to the details specified when you ordered.

As for your friends who didn't buy specifically because they couldn't play with you in an alpha of a game sound a bit on the iffy side. They probably have no problem pre-ordering other games though, but this one time it is definitely a major issue. Got it.

Yes people, I've already aquiesced that this was not the place to post this, but I should think it's pretty obvious that this was a rage post. I clearly wasn't thinking very well when I posted this and if I could I would take it down and post it in the proper place. But my point still remains. These alpha invites are a joke.

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Lite stands for Singleplayer only ;)
Don't you think there can be a difference between "Arma 3 Alpha" and "Arma 3 Alpha Lite" ?

Closing down the "rage post" :-)