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Helicopter landing waypoints have too much leeway.
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When given a plain waypoint to "unload", an AI helicopter will land and do so. However, when given a waypoint to "unload" followed by any other order, the helicopter will approach the landing position as if to land normally. Approximately 20m above the ground the "unload" waypoint will disappear (presumably the AI believes the waypoint has been completed) and the helicopter will move on to the next waypoint without having touched the ground.


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Give an AI helicopter an "unload" waypoint in a flat, safe location and a second waypoint such as a "move" afterwards. Have a player and AI given the waypoint to board the helicopter and be transported to the "unload" waypoint.

As the player, passenger aboard the helicopter, approaches the LZ, he should see the waypoint disappear and the helicopter proceed to the next waypoint without landing or expelling him from the aircraft.

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Are you synching the 'Unload' and 'Get out' waypoints together?

The typical way this was always done is to drop an invisible h into the map where you want the helo to land. (Near or at your waypoints) They can be found in the editor under: Empty > Helpers (Signs).

This is not a bug it is the way it has always been.

You can also adjust the waypoint completion radius from the GUI (I believe) or through scripting.

You can also use the invisible H to give precise a precise landing location which makes almost anywhere a safe place to land. :)

Again this is not a bug.

When I use the "unload" waypoint it automatically ejects any passengers. I've never used the "get out" waypoint as that causes the pilot and crew to exit the vehicle.

This is with the invisible helipad.

This is with the completion and placement radii both set to "0"

The "Get Out" waypoint is used for the unit which is getting out of the helicopter. The "Unload" or "Transport Unload" waypoints are the ones given to the helicopter. You then link or sync the two waypoints together. If you don't link an "Unload" waypoint with a "Get Out" waypoint then the "Unload" waypoint will be ignored.

If you use "Transport Unload", the helicopter will empty itself at the nearest "H" regardless.

I just tested this in-game and it is working correctly. If you don't sync a "Unload" waypoint with a "Get Out". The "Unload" waypoint is ignored. If you drop an H on the ground and things are synced right the bird hits the H exactly and unloads.

Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.