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Switching weapons while running!
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Everytime i run and i want to fastswitch my weapon, or replace my pistol with my Primary, i need to stop for 2 seconds instead of doing it while running. Its not very realistic and boring to wait. I get under heavy fire if i stop.


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Run , change weapon and your character will stop and you cant move for the time he changes.

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Completely agree. Now that A3 is more fluid movement and smoother, I see no reason why this shouldn't be possible. As it is in real life, and soldiers have done it for ages.

Only thing I can see it forcing a player to stop for a second is switching to a Rocket Launcher, besides that. There is no excuse to stop to switch from main weapon to your side arm, or vice verse.

Please BI! Fix it

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I agree 100% Hated it in Arma 2 and hate it now. It makes carrying a pistol pointless. Just dead weight since I can't really switch to it effectively in a time of need. Also the draw speed is pretty bad on the pistol, but that is something else.

It would be great to be able to do this. And as much as people here might want to hate it, Battlefield 3 has some great character animations, and its character motion is incredibly smooth for the most part (even if it can sometimes get cartoony). I think right now some of the character motion fluidity in that game is something for any shooter to aim for, and being able to swap weapons without stopping would go a long way towards making ARMA feel like a sim that can also be a solid, solid game.

Duplicate of #0001819.