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dead body removed while equipment screen open causes ctd
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While in the equipment screen taking items from a dead body the game crashes to desktop if the body is removed while still in the equipment screen. OA just kicks you out of the equipment dialogue.


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Unable To Duplicate
Game Crash
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Script dead soldier for removal after 30 seconds. Kill him and go to dead body. Open the equipment dialogue to view his equipment. When the body is removed the game will ctd if still in the equipment screen.

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Unable to reproduce. Could you please send me your body removal script? Are you using any mods? Thanks

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Unable to reproduce that too.

I tested this several times to make sure I could reproduce the error last night. It was crashing the client but not the server every time. I tried it again after reading this and it didn't crash once. Not really sure what the deal is. I guess you can close this one. Must have been some kind of error on my server as I've not been able to reproduce it again. Sorry.

That's ok. Let us know if it happens again.