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IR lasers not visible at (at least) 300m through NV
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Playing co-op on a night time map, found that lasers from other players are not visible through the NV gogs from distances greater than (have not checked) probably 200m, but certainly not visible beyond 300m.
This reduces the usability of the IR laser weapon attachment.


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at night stand 300m or more from another player with IR laser weapon attachments switched on.
Try less distance? I'm not sure where the cut off is.

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I noticed this too. When trying to mark targets, lasers would just cut short in mid air. Not sure what the range is of a military issue IR Laser in real life but this definitely affects co-operative teamwork in-game.

I could imagine this would be a major drawback when trying to guide air support

yes - for air-support guidance we would also need a visible glow, where the laser hits, to give the possibility of "painting" the target! like in reality!

There is no visible glow in IR lasers...

Problem already described in detail here, no reply though. I went into much more detail as far as lasers work to give a rough Idea of how the simulation of them should look.

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