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Field Manual spelling and grammar errors
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While reading the field manual I came across the following errors. I'll post more as I discover them.

Weapons Info > Rook-40 9mm > "It's steel construction makes it a bit retro, but compared to contemporary lightweight polymer pistols, it feels sturdier." = "It's" should be "Its". It's is a contraction of "it is". "Its" is possession.
Weapons Info > P07 9 mm > "P07 allows easy mounting of suppersors." = Suppersors?
Weapons Info > RPG-42 Alamut > "Is is based on modern Russian rocketlaunchers and produced in the middle East." = Rocket launcher is two words, and I think "middle" needs to be capitalized.
Weapons Info > SDAR 5.56 mm > "Special Dual-medium Assault Rifle is bullpup rifle specialy designed to allow shooting both on land and underwater." = "Assault Rifle" should be lower-cased. "is bullpup" should be "is a bullpup". "specialy" should be "specially". "underwater" should be "under water".
Weapons Info > TRG-21 6.5 mm > "TRG-21 is lightweight, ambidexterous, easily servicable and compatible with a large number of accessories." = "servicable" should be "serviceable".


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Also, I think it should be "ambidextrous," not "ambidexterous."

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Resolved, scheduled to deploy on Steam.

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