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Armed KA-60s will not engage enemy.
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This may just be me, but I've tried several different mission set ups, and no matter what, KA-60 Kasatkas will never fire. They'll dive in as if lining up a shot, but never fire a single round.


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1- Set up a mission with BluFor and KA-60s.

2- Watch

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Happened to me too, I added dozen RED KA-60s and flew around with BLUE Littlebird and started firing. They just aimed at me or flew away from me. They never fired a shot

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This also occurred for me. I tried adding waypoints for the KA-60s with varied combat modes and varied waypoint types such as DESTORY, SEARCH AND DESTROY, SENTRY, GUARD but nothing. The pilot just flies over the enemy and does not engage.

Edit: Testing with the group in the helo and command findNearestEnemy and it seems to always bring back objectNull when there are hostiles in the area.

Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Since this ticket is quite old, I assume the issue has been fixed in the mean time.

However, if it is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket and ask for this one to be re-opened.