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More advanced options in editor like Respawn point, Repair Point, Full Ammo Box as a selection option
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It would be nice when creating a mission in the editor if some common things where already in the game to choose from the drop down menus instead of having to rely on scripts and figuring scripting out. For example:

  • Repair Point for Air, Heli's, Vehicles
  • MHQ Spawn point out in the field...So the MHQ is already set to respawn too.
  • Full Ammo box with all weapons and unlimited
  • Respawn point at base
  • Helo Jump Flags
  • Save Loadout so when you respawn you don't have to vist ammo box every time
  • Auto respawn of damaged Air, Land vehicles or require a Repair pad and Repair heli to pick them up and drop off.

And probably many more people can think of!!


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I was messing around with the editor and trying to get an ammobox to be full of all BluFor guns and everything and found a script to do so and trying to make a marker for a respawn point at base and nothing works. Would be nice to simply just have these common things already available in the game so everyone can simply go into the editor and create advanced maps for everyone to use instead of having to know how to script to use these common online server map features you usually see.

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Arma 3 Supporter Edition, Windows 7 64bit, Intel 920 OCd to 3.6ghs, 6GB Ram, GTX Nvidia 480 in SLI.

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respawn at base is solved by following:
make a marker called "respawn_west" for blufor or "respawn_east" for opfor
save mission
go to mission folder
create textdocument, name it "description.ext"
write in "respawn = 3;" (without these ")
export mission to multiplayer
respawn at your marker.

respawn does not work in editorpreview

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I tried having the ammbox be full too with a script, why don't these scripts work in the editor/preview? Wouldn't that make it easier for people making maps?

Is that how people have to test maps, make them, export to multiplayer and test. Be much easier if you could just hit preview and test until the map is final and then export.

This link has a working script for variants of a full ammo box including backpacks.

*Note - visit the forum link ( listed on that page for additional info on installation as it seems there have been slight changes and some people have not understood clearly how to install it and editing it to work in game.

@cashxx - Respawn script doesn't work in preview, but the ammo box one will as well as 99.9% of other scripts.

Thats actually the one I used, doesn't work in editor, which makes no sense to me. Made crate, added to its initialiazation nul = [this] execVM "fillCrate.sqf"; and then put the script in my missions folder and no luck. Going by system, scripts don't work in editor. Bug in Arma 3? Makes no sense having to export to multiplayer to test your Map for error.

You are just going to have to spend some time in the forums man.. Its very worth it bc your missions grow to beyond basic. you will be pleased if you just spend the time to use this editor. BIS has actually enhanced this editor to be alot more user friendly.. all the functions etc are right there in your face. I think BIS would like us to take this discussion to the forums. goodluck and more power to ya w/ this BAD A editor! Post your issue in the forums and someone will help, good community w/ the editor


I did say to read the forum posts at the provided link for up to date information. I did, and this is what I put in the init field for a full box.

nul = [this,0,true] execVM "fillCrate.sqf";

You have to specify which variant of the script you want to use.

Hope this solves your problem and it will work in preview.

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I think some people are missing the point. We shouldn't have to spend so much time on such a simple thing such as respawns. I have done it so many times that yeah it's natural to me but I'd much rather have an option or module ready to go in the editor for things like that.


Thats the purpose of this users don't have to spend countless hours in forums. These popular thing could be put in to the editor already and be easily available for the average user to use instead of wasting time in forums.

Then if you do want to explore more advanced options then scripting is there. But these common things you see on all mp servers I think could be put into the editor to make life easier for amateurs and even more advanced users building maps for a friends to larger communities.

Like Cypher said I think some are missing the whole point of this feedback.

@SharkBaztard: Just because the devs are focussing now on stability that does not mean players should not speak out their idea's and wishes.

Couple of years ago when I made my first mission attempt in ArmA I was highly frustrated in making even the simplest things to work properly, huge amount of time searching on the forums and the BIKI, ton of trial and errors, cursing and swearing, and finally I got the hang of it a bit and it actually became fun to create missions.

Back then I said on the BIS forum exactly with the OP has written down here. That a lot of things are unnecessary difficult and time consuming to do in the editor and that it is very 'new user' unfriendly. Ok, took me a couple of years and finally got the hang of most things I want to add to missions, but that was purely me being persistent in learning it not that it was all easy to figure out. Not everyone has a talent in scripting, for a lot of people it is like learning to read Chinese, eventually you learn it, but it takes effort and time.

Now I see that the Devs already put some new modules in the editor that helps to make things a bit more easy for new users, but they could add a whole bunch more of them. Such as the OP wrote a good respawn module. Place a module and set it to a faction/side and then have the option to sync it to multiple markers so that there are random spawn points per side. And lots more of those modules could be added that would make life easier to the new mission makers.

There are a lot of creative people out there with plenty of good ideas, give them intuitive and user friendly tools to work with and more quality stuff will be released by the community + that the new mission makers will have a whole lot more fun doing it.

Of course manual scripting is unavoidable when you want to create a bit more fancy mission and thats fine, but there should be enough in the editor for new users to work with and to create a complete mission with with a bunch of features in the mission. After they get comfortable with that they will eventually move on to the manual scripting and all the fancy stuff you can create with that.

bump...seems to have been missed.

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The crate filler script probably doesn't work, since it's a script from the Alpha and some classnames were changed. Use the VAS sxript for that purpose: .

To get an MHQ (I suppose this is the way, never used it) you have to create a vehicle, name it "respawn_west_1" for BLUFOR, "respawn_east_1" for OPFOR and "respawn_gurilla_1" for independents. If you want more MHQs put 2, 3, 4 etc. instead of one.

Respawn point is really simple and SYSTEM explained it.

Saving and loading loadouts is a feature of VAS.

There's a respawn module for vehicles in the editor.

Hope that helped ya.

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