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Cannot Strafe Through Doorways
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Soldier is unable to strafe through doorways, regardless of stance, leaning, etc. Being unable to lean through a doorway then sidestep in takes me out of the experience a bit, and I can see it actually being a danger to you (as having to physically turn where you're facing could take you off target long enough to die)


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  1. Try to strafe/sidestep through a door. It's not a door. It's an invisible wall.

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Have you tried this with weapon lowered? I was only able to reproduce this by:

  • Keeping weapon raised with 'C' / Tactical Walk
  • Choosing a door narrower than the gun + player length.

I'm quite impressed by how A3 handles this - especially compared to A2. The player automatically steps back to try and fit through the door. Only if he can't make it through (without magically moving the gun through the wall) does he stop. It seems like it's working perfectly to me.

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Its like the "feature" in Arma 2, but i also think this is quite annoying!!

The best way would be, that the soldier will automaticly lower the weapon when he walks against a wall or something...

Closing in favor of #7121.