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Artillery Support Does Not Work All The Time
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I noticed that when I call for Artillery Support it does work when I ask for 5 rounds for example. But if I call for, say, 8 rounds then the radio confirms the strike but no rounds ever fall...


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Set up the Support Request Module and when in-game call for 8 rounds of Artillery.

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yea the virtual arty that sends the mortars seems to have a few issues.. i agree. Sometimes they confirm round inbound but nothing and sometimes it will hit me..haha even thought I obviously didnt aim it at my self

oh.. It seems like all rounds land in exact same spot? like no spread at all. is that suppose to be that way?

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Hopefully there will be an option when calling the support to choose how far you want the rounds to spread.

yep, hope so. I also want to figure out how to keep the module synced to the player after respawn.. may just be my lack of scripting knowledge.. but once I die.. no more support for me :(

I have tested this, when the mortar is spawned (VIRTUAL artillery module)to perform the firemission it fires one round (sometimes a couple) then backflips and 'crashes'. The mortar crewman doesnt perform any animations to change the elevation of the weapons, the whole model tilts back on the axis of the crewmans back foot lifting the whole weapon in the air. It does work with a placed, crewed mortar using the 'artillery module' though.

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