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BLUFOR/OPFOR Speed Boat will not move if it touches land, rocks and other objects.
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The Speed Boat easily becomes stranded when coming into contact with land, rocks and any other objects under the water. This will occur at any speed, even drifting at 0 km/h.


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Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Place BLUFOR or OPFOR speed boat into the map as player as driver. Easiest place to test for example would be at the island Pythos.

Drive the boat at 1km/h (or even allow it to drift at 0km/h if you have the patience) into shallow water, shallow rocks, and land at varying angles.

Unless there are large waves, the boat often immediately becomes stuck even if it has drifted itself into a really shallow beach.

Occasionally if the beach is steep enough and there are waves you can get lucky, but its highly dependent on the waves at the time.

Additional Information

I found this issue whilst creating my first mission in which the boats have a large influence. On several occasions you are required to edit the boat on islands and I found almost every single time I became close enough to the land or rocks the boat would be permanently stuck. Very frustrating, I am sure that these types of boats have enough power to pull 1 foot of their hull out of a shallow contact patch of sand etc.

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Not power enough to back even if a boat is slightly on land. And no "push" function yet.

On the same note the speedboats don't have enough power to stop quickly. It takes a minute to get a speedboat to stop from full speed. AIs crash into land thanks to this.

Agree, there should be a "push" button.

The speed boats pretty big, I am sure if it had adequate power you wouldn't require a push button.

Unless your brought the hulk with you on your mission I doubt you would be able to move it ;)

Once a ship/boat get stuck I belive the Engine and rudder are turned off, and that is the primary reason for players not being able to use the ship/boat anymore.

How to reproduce.
Try to sail along the coast and come to a stop about 1-2m from the shore.
Try very gently to make the boat get stuck. ( sail closer ).
You will notise you cannot free your self or hear the engine power up or down.
Now find a car and very gently push the boat just a tiny bit.. Once it is unstuck you will hear the engine and now you are able to use the boat again ;-)

Yep like mekanick said - we ideally need a PUSH option to move boat back into the water. Perhaps a basic action that can be used to bump / push the boat towards water.

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  1. This bug happens with ALL the boats in the game, and not only speed boats. 2. There's no need for push option! In real life there's no problem whatsoever with reversing with a boat after the boat's front makes contact is with the land. Actually, it's a common SOP.
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I think fixing this bug is CRUCIAL for the Tanoa release. If we can't get boat insertions to operate reasonably with all these islands, it's going to take away from the release significantly.

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I have to agree with Variable. This is important feature/bug that needs to be addressed with Tanoa's release.

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I have not tested this since 2013 and as such I cannot acknowledge if it was ever resolved, however as requested I have bumped up the severity of the issue, as I do agree that it will impact on the quality of play-ability in Tanoa.

If PhysX is too problematic to fix this, I'd suggest to add an action menu option to "push boat" when standing in front of it.