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ToggleRaiseWeapon not working properly when running in combat pace
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You can neither raise your primary weapon with the "ToggleRaiseWeapon" nor with the "TempRaiseWeapon" action when you run in combat pace.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Switch to primary weapon
  2. Press "Toggle Raise Weapon" (default key: 2x Left CTRL)
  3. Press "Combat pace toggle" (default key: C)
  4. Press and hold "Move forward" (default key: W)
  5. Press "Toggle Raise Weapon" (default key: 2x Left CTRL)

(Optional) 6. Press (and hold) "Raise Weapon" (default key: none)

Additional Information

Video footage:!zApkTaxa!QbWOcCwRAFxTVaYFajkCDg [^]

"ArmA3 - ToggleRaiseWeapon - running - combat pace" illustrates the issue

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I may be wrong but running and combat pace are seperate things.. I dont think in any running stance you can have a raised weapon. I think that is designed for realism.. i think

In combat pace your weapon is by default in a ready-to-fire position.

If you then press "ToggleRaiseWeapon" it'll go to a muzzle averted position and you're stuck there. Unless you press "Fire" which will bring it up again.

Also see:

And pressing "Fire" to raise the weapon back while moving in Combat pace will cause a temporary interruption in the movement of the character.