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Smoke from grenades appears when thrown in water
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I threw a smoke grenade into the water near the coast and it came out of the water {F17999} {F18000}


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  1. throw a smoke grenade into the water
  2. watch it appear above the water surface

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I'm pretty sure military smoke grenades work underwater.

I'd say this should be iterated a bit: when the particles of smoke are underwater they are bubbles, but after surfacing get back to their full form.

EDIT 4621:9712 we need a chemist on this topic

think the water would make the smoke particles to heavy to rise up though and it would end up in some white stuff floating around

As far as i know current smoke grenades are oil-solution based so i guess that detonating one underwater would result in somekind of white (or whatever color it is) liquid stuff floating up to the surface

Yeah was about to report the same thing. Even if they do explode under water, not sure if the smoke should come out. Wouldn't it dissolve/diffuse? Not sure.

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