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Vaulting resets stance to stand
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When vaulting over an object (V) please can you make it so the character returns to the original stance he was in prior to the vaulting key being pressed.

Crouch > Vault > Standing; unit stance is reset to a stand

Crouch > Vault > Crouch; previous stance should be reassumed


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Steps To Reproduce
  • start in crouched position
  • use the vault action (default binding 'V')
  • unit ends up standing upright
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I understand its not a major issue and I am not asking for additional vaulting animations although it would be cool but when I have spent 20 mins sneaking about to get caught out by involuntarily standing up after the vaulting process is kind of frustrating.


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What do you mean with "Crouch instead of crouch"?

"What do you mean with "Crouch instead of crouch"?"


What he said: "Crouch > Vault > Crouch instead of Crouch > Vault > Standing"

What he meant: from crouch, he steps over, and posture should revert back to crouch, instead of going from crouching, to step over and posture resets to standing instead of reverting back to crouching.

worth voting up really, no point losing control over posture and stance due to something like this, invoulentary actions lead to quick deaths.

Hehe, thanks for the clarification, really had me dazzled on that. Improved the ticket now accordingly.

Totally voting this up!

duplicate of #3884

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, duping this one to #3884.