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Cannot Load MAP after Patch
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I Patched the new version (0.51.103048) and after that I can't load the map I have created with the error:

You Cannot Play/edit this Mission; it is dependent on a downloadable content that has been deleted.A3_soft_F_Galkin

I don't know which unit produce this error(because other maps could be loaded).


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Place some differend units
2.Save Map
3.Patch to the new version and load the map
4.Error Masage appears

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BI changed the class name of the Ifrit in a previous patch ([DEV] build?). You have to manually edit the mission file to be able to load it in the editor.

Refer to this changelog about the DEV build:

So the "A3_soft_F_Galkin" became "O_Ifrit_F" (and variants).

Sorry, but how do you patch to new version?? Im not on DEV build and it says version, and steam is on auto update? as I'm still getting all the bugs that apparently have been 'resolved' that a bug itself?

This work.
This is how you fix it.

1). right click on your mission.sqm
2). use notepad to edit it.
3). in the top of notepad choose "replace"
4). In the new window type ( case sensitive )

in the lower box type

5). Press "replace everything"

  1. save and exit notepad.

7). open the arma 3 editor. You will now see an error but just click okay.

    now you should be able to view your 2d mission and edit everything.
    you might need to delete and replace your previous cars/vehicles ect. just
    to be safe...

Sincerely Delevero.