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Environment sounds are muted when inside an open vehicle
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When you are in a Car or Helicopter , even if it has open windows/doors like in the little bird or even the open ATV , there is no envoirnement sound.


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Get into a CAR/Littlebird/ATV and stay on ground , get into First Person

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I think that the sound is cut only when entering the vehicle. If you want like 15 seconds, the sound starts to play again.

I had the same issue yesterday with an ATV. I vote +1

I noticed this when it was raining. Sat on an ATV and the rain sounds stopped. The game engine assumes all vehicles have a roof I think... In my experience the environmental sounds didn't start again after a while, but didn't double check that.

If you go into 3rd person view of course the sounds do start again.

0004411: No Rain Sound in vehicles

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also explosions/gunshots/impacts, not just environment sounds

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