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Walking (safe) produces too much head bob compared to eg. running
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The slow walk produces the greatest amount of head bobbing of all the movement modes. This seems unrealistic and immersion breaking, coming from running or sprinting in deadly combat, then to a slow walk and suddenly you experience more bobbing. It should be reversed, more to emphasize the physical strain of sprinting.


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Double tap shift to enable walking and walk with head bob enabled. Try to sprint and note the difference.

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Related to #2165

I agree this needs to practically be reversed. Sprinting should make your head move chaotically as it does when currently walking (with gun down yields most wobble). Casually walking doesn't mean your head lolls about limply; and if it's to simulate looking around, well that's what freelook is for.

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Its an old topic but it still would be nice to have this fixed. Its 'impossible' do a a slow patrol walk with lowered weapons if you want to keep an eye on the tree line.

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Excessive head bob when moving with weapon lowered is still apparent in 1.70.141764
It appears when walking the camera is fixed on players head, whereas with the weapon raised its faked to the weapon.

mils of wobble with rifle raised:
walk = <0.15
tact = ~0.5
run = ~0.4
sprint = ~2.5

mils of wobble with rifle lowered:
walk = ~5
tact = ~6.5
run = ~5
sprint = ~2.5