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Let us bind weapons to keys
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Please give us the option to bind "select primary weapon", "select secondary weapon" etc. to different keys.


1 = Select primary (rifle)
2 = Select underbarrel (GL)
3 = Select sidearm (pistol)
4 = Select secondary (launcher)

While the current system already offers option 3 & 4 it's not the same.

Pressing the key twice could also switch the firing mode.


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I cannot think of a reason why this shouldn't be possible for those who are interested.

I vote up.

Not necessarily "those" keys you mentioned but yeah would be nice to have. Was discussed to death on BI forums pre Alpha.

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ACE2 had a good system for that. It was something like you said except Shift+1, Shift+2 etc.

I played Arma 2 alot and I like it the way it is. Don't think they should change it.

Yea I remember the ACE system, I liked that

As far as underbarrel GL actually IS a firing mode, this makes no sense.

On the forums, Sundowner suggested a similar system for helicopter weapons:

@Prospekt: Well in "real life" you would move your hand to the grenade launcher's trigger... while you don't have to do that when switching modes on your rifle. So you could say it's a different weapon.

"As far as underbarrel GL actually IS a firing mode, this makes no sense."(Prospekt)
That should be changed, too.

As far as i'm concerned, using another trigger on the same weapon is more likely to be a separate firing mode than a separate weapon.

As most tickets on this site, this is a request for an optional feature. Why not give people options, so everyone can use the system he prefers?

Only as an option feature.

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OMG please let this come to pass.

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this not being a feature seems like an affectation of older arma's "[simulations should be hard]" mentality

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While I am comfortable with the current situation, I cannot see any reason why others shouldn't have this opportunity.

This and putting those commands under one key that opens menu where you can navigate with number keys. Many other shooters have done this and it's IMO better solution than what we have now.

SmallBlackSheep: "As most tickets on this site, this is a request for an optional feature. Why not give people options, so everyone can use the system he prefers?"

ert3: "this not being a feature seems like an affectation of older arma's "[simulations should be hard]" mentality "

Yes, I've noticed many UI and control feature requests that would provide extra options for streamlining, simplifying or otherwise improving unecessarily complicated - often unrealistically complicated - player interaction systems garner an inordinate amount of downvotes. I think ert3 is right in that there are many conservative minded, self-styled "ARMA experts" who absolutely hate the notions of accessibility and convenience. In their minds, easy and intuitive design only serves to increase the game's appeal to a wider audience - ie., COD kiddies. From my perspective, clunky, cumbersome controls and poor customizability of said controls make many things which would be trivial and intuitive IRL difficult and frustrating to accomplish in-game. This makes the game both less fun and, more importantly, less realistic.

Make Love Not War, i agree 110%

Anything that streamlines a clunky interface is okay with me, with the caveat that things don't become instantaneous e.g You hit the button and the animation plays, and then you can fire the GL rather than some kind of Instant GL can be fire immediately 0.05s after hitting the Weapon select Button.

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I really loved the ACE system for this in ArmA2.
Shift+Numbers to switch weapons/firemodes

It even included the possibility to switch your weapon to SAFE, which can often be useful.

Not sure if i would be using it (too used to the old habit i guess :P) but i see that it may be very usefull for others.


This and also in this day and age ArmA really needs a radial menu interface for communications and squad controls. Since OFP days I've really wanted the ability to just hold down a key and point and click to assign guys to do stuff.

That we are still using an interface design that belongs in 90s flight simulators is a bit of an eyesore. If the UI is going to be an abstraction it may as well be as useable as possible.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Lanter added a subscriber: Lanter.May 7 2016, 12:29 PM

I would like to see this, at least for it to be optional. I'd rather have the action menu only for contextual stuff, rather than constants, like weapon switching.

I like the idea of being able to bind weapons to keys, but the fire rate key mechanism should remain the same (where you wield the weapon and switch the fire rate with a separate key).

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ACE has it.

i think GRAW style is better

I'd like to be able to bind the numbers as the push to talk button in different channels.

1 --> Direct
2 --> Group
3 --> Vehicle
And so on...

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