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During the spawn units remain locked between the pier and the ground
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During the spawn units remain locked between the pier and the ground.
It seems they walk on the ground below and not on the pier. {F17966}


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Open Editor

Place a unit in the location shown in the picture. (Agia Marina Pier near the lighthouse)

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This also happens in any place with a dock - eg. the docks to the east of the airfield. The unit is spawned with his feet on the ground. I assume this is part of the editor allowing a unit to spawn inside a building if it is placed on top. This is clear when you put a unit on the docks to the east of the runway - the unit will spawn inside the docks (hollow model?) and be unable to move outside them -- the terrain is visible and you can walk around a small area but are blocked by what I assume is the collider attached to the dock.

Summary - When placing a unit on a dock, the unit spawns on the terrain which puts them inside the dock object.

Affirmative, always reproduces.
It seems that the engine places the units on the surface of the Ground in this case water, and doesn't account for the pier structure.

As a workaround for now I suggest giving units "ELEVATION of 2" when spawning on the piers and docks.