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AI squadmates do not stay by the leader
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If you are playing with another player in your squad who is number 2 for example, and you tell the squad to follow you (regroup) they will instead go where number 2 is going.

Please change the formation system so that when a squad leader says Regroup the AI will form with HIM rather than trying to be in formation with players who are off doing their own thing.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a squad of AI
Choose to be the squad leader
Have a friend play as unit 2 or something
Have unit 2 (the player) go far away and tell your squad to regroup and watch as they all try to form on 2.

Additional Information

This really kills the game when I need the squad to be with me but they instead go where the other player(s) are.

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Yup, noticed the same thing when was playing Headhunters with my friend and 5 bots. Although I was a group leader, AI always followed my friend, who was number 2 in team.

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This should definitely be changed =)

Yes this is persistent. I sort of assumed that it is a feature as it is also the case in A2. My logic would think that the squadleader gives all orders directly to Nr2 and Nr2 will order the rest of the team. However if the squad/teamleader gives the command to use a medkit to Nr4 he will do as told. In that logic only Nr2 should be able to give that order to Nr4.

That's bugging out also when both 1 and 2 are players, if 1 is far away, n2 will shout
"1, regroup"

which kinda doesn't make any sense :-\

Im having this issue, however Number 2 is AI and when i regroup the entire crew walks off somewhere and doesnt stay with me. the Command that is voiced is "All -- Join Group -- Group"

shortly after my post in this situation Number 2 was killed and i heard the AI yell "We Lost 1!" and text on the screen was 2--KIA. For some reason 2 jumped me in the Chain of Command.

Pinpointed the issue (MP Scenario).
I'm going to try explaining it with a practical example on a Co5 mission played by 2 players only to keep it short:


You have a squad made of 5 units, all playable (doesn't matter if you leave AI enabled or not).
The 1st player that joins the server takes the unit at the slot number 3, the 2nd player takes slot number 1.

At this point you would be expecting the 2nd player being squad leader and the 1st player being a subordinate unit.

Instead, you have the squad leader that is the 1st player with unit number 3.

ArmA3 assigns the SL role based on joining sequence!
Tested and always reproducible :)

Hope DEVs will see this so they wont become crazy to find why it happens

This issue was in Arma 2 too. Please do something about it.

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Basically the latest JIP player becomes the formation leader

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Is there a work around to this? It is ruining AI command.

Well over two years and not sorted????

I was praying this bug had been sorted when I bought the game recently, having seen it in effect a year or so ago at a friend's house.

How are you supposed to complete a hostage rescue mission when the hostage just follows number 2, not responding to orders?

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Thanks for the reports!

There are several issues mentioned here.

  • The original one - formation set-up. Odds and evens form together, on the previous odd or even squad member.

If everyone is moving in formation and No.2 gets delayed so does No.4,6,8.... But if you tell No.2 specifically to move somewhere or stop, it excludes No.2 from the formation, but No.4 (6,8...) is still there and follows you.
This is an intended behavior(closing the ticket). The group should stay together. I see it can cause troubles with rogue players that don't keep in formation, but that can be avoided by the mentioned commands or by a suitable scenario design and creation of individual groups for individual players. The newly introduced Dynamic Groups should also improve the situation.

  • Then there's a mentioned issue with first JIP player taking the command. Could you please create a repro and a separate ticket and PM me it on forums?
  • And also there's an issue, where the AI subordinate seizes command and doesn't give it back after leader's respawn. Removing the authority from the commander only happens when the commander becomes a renegade. However, currently _you become renegade also by respawning/suiciding_ or by being in charge of a vehicle that has crashed. We'll try to solve these two situations. However if you become a renegade deliberately by friendly fire and destroying friendly or civilian assets, you'll be removed from the command and won't be given it back. (even after respawn)

But would it be possible to have multiple formation leaders for flank/advance/stay back commands?

If you are playing purely with infantry,
1 (me),2,3,4,5 team white,
6,7,8,9,10 team red, flank left,
11,12,13,14,15 team green flank right.
16, 17, 18, team blue, flank left, flank left, advance.
19, 20 team yellow, stay back.

Short: The more units you have (in your formation), the less it makes sense if they work together in "your" formation (when they get those commands).
They are so spaced that they are more or less running alone.
And if I have to give each team every minute a move command - I can stop playing myself and simply stay somewhere in a base, dictating my squads per map.

At the moment flank commands etc. are only meaningful with vehicles.

I made once a script where AI got move commands on where I clicked, this way they got formation leader, and per script they always kept their destination relative to my position and formation direction.
Nice for Singleplayer gaming :)

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I think its good that Developers resolved this in this way. I was tired of having nanny behind me, everywhere i go. Now they will stick to formation.