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If a player or AI spawns to close to a fire, they will take damage and die
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I accidentally placed a group of 4 soldiers to close to a fireplace(burning) and they kept dieing. I would move they farther away and they were fine. when i moved them closer, however, they would die again.


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1)spawn a few soldiers near a fire.
2)see if they get injured(if not, move them closer)
3)after a few seconds, they may walk away and die, or they will just die.

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Burning is a new feature in ArmA III. Maybe the "Area of Effect" damage radius should be reduced for normal fireplaces but it's not really a bug.

I'm not sure, what is the desired result? I think this is perfectly correct.

I wanted to have men standing around a fire at the start of a mission. but even if they were 2 feet away, they would die. 2 feet seem a bit far to die from a burning campfire that small. I have to say the damage radius for campfires should be reduced.

Ok, I see, thank you for feedback. This issue is handled in another bug report (0002728) already.