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Loading errors need confirmation
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Whenever an asset cant be loaded in multiplayer missions, an error message is shown that needs to be confirmed. As a player, i want to play the game, and it works fine, even if i hit OK (thats how games should work anyway). Errors should be silently ignored and logged if not critical, or shown as an side message that doesnt need to be confirmed.

Over and out, and thanks for another great game!


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As this is an alpha, its ok to have such confirmable messages, but at least the final game, they should be handled less flashy.

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Better that it shows what the error is and waits for a confirmations (as it is now) IMO.
It allows mission makers / server admins to identify errors in the mission and / or players with server-streamed addons that may lead to server insability

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I agree your statement, but as there is only an OK button, it doesnt make sense to wait for a confirmation. If there were are a cancel button too, it would make more sense. Its okay to display that an error has been occurred, but why do i need to confirm it, when it does not have any effect?

I'd say that you confirm that you are aware of the error presence (?)
Dunno, i don't really mind it

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.