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Weapon model/sounds/animation not synced after picking up weapon from dead player
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When you pick up the weapon of a dead player, no shooting animations nor sounds are played for other players present at player death.

Reload animation is played by the player model, but not performed at the gun.
Bullet impacts play a sound but don't show on impact.

Same is for pistols.


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Steps To Reproduce

Kill a player in MP.
Grab his weapon and ammo.

-> Noone can hear the sounds, nor see the animation.

However if a player joins the 3D-World after the weapon was picked up, everything works as expected.

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This is kinda gamebreaking for TvT scenarios.

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I remember this from some old Arma2 patchstatus. Don't remember when and why though.

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yes, same issue here... and if you pick up another weapon type its not shown to the other player.. from Rifle to LMG as example.

This issue has been fixed yesterday and was already merged into the latest DEV version, so can someone give me a feedback if my fix is really fix or miss-shot? ;-)

In the new "stable" release it's still broken.

I know.. that's why I said try it on a DEV version. We have to be sure that it has been really fixed and right after we can merge it also into "Stable"

Okay, tested on latest dev branch: It's fixed. However the reload animation on the MX weapons won't be synced across. So you won't see a magazine change other than on the player model. But I don't see that as an issue rather than beeing cosmetic and less important. :)

Thanks a bunch.

Confirmed this working in the new stable branch hotfix.

Fixed in last version on Steam.