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Too much weapon sway
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My problem is that i cant fully control the moves of my avatar. I mean, if you are aiming on a point, your avatar will slowly drift left, right up and down(because of breathing and things like this).
Now i try to correct that (because this what you do in real life) but my avatar still trys to drift left. So i have to move harder against my avatar, and well, now im on the other side of the target -_-
same by controlling gun recoil


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If you hold down the right mouse button with your sights up (any sights), you hold your breath and become steady for several seconds. Try that and see if it helps.

yes this might be good for mid and long range, but not in close combat.

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i feel like a child with no gun experience when im shooting a measley 5.56 rifle, not a trained experienced soldier, also in arma 2 if you were not aiming down your sights (like in 3rd person) you'd still have your weapon shouldered and you'd be able to rounds downrange fairtly accurately; now it feels like im now its like im firing from the hip.

lol the accuracy without aiming down the sights is WAY to high.
NO ONE can shoot so exactly in real life without aiming...

See #0000599.

This is a different issue maddogx...did you read it?

Judging by the description, it sounds like you are having problems with the recoil (even though you say the recoil is fine, which is confusing). It's hard to understand what you're talking about.

Perhaps add a video to illustrate your point and its difference to other recoil issues. ;)

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From my understanding he means that idle movement of ironsight due breathing is too much pronounced.

Not sure, seams fine, maybe the pattern of the movement can be tweaked a bit, to make it more random. Anyway, you have to get used to hold your breath before shooting.

In that case we're talking about "weapon sway" and not recoil. :)

The description should be updated to avoid confusion.

It's not the recoil (or actually muzzle climb); which feels O.K.

The problem, which I share with the OP, is that it feels like it's impossible to compensate by moving down your mouse.

We all agree that the current muzzle climb is correct (except for some CoD kids), and we all know you will never be able to return to the exact same state as before a shot. However, at this time it's nearly impossible to compensate the muzzle drift since since the mouse seems unresponsive during firing a weapon.

eg. I played a lot of Battlefield 3 and learned how to compensate for the muzzle climb, which resulted in almost perfect aim. This is can be done with Muscle Memory [] training.

I think the real issue is that the muzzle climb (aka recoil) blocks the mouse movement for a couple of ms.
Haven't really tested it yet, but at this time this seems to be the problem, at least at my side.

Im really sorry for my terrible english.

This: I think the real issue is that the muzzle climb (aka recoil) blocks the mouse movement for a couple of ms. ( or its not exactly)


This: In that case we're talking about "weapon sway" and not recoil. :)

is what i meant.

The sway is not too much pronounced. But i feel like a Pantomime pushing against the sway like there is a strong force on it. Especailly sniper scope.
I know to (hold right) but the sway itself is not the point.

Thanks maddogx for reading again, i set this on low because its a "recoil" thing, but actually i think its a very import point for the feeling, the gameplay and also realistics ;)

should i change something or will someone that agree with me write it in good perfect english?

I personally don't see how one could be confused into thinking the OP was talking about recoil/muzzle climb being a problem. He clearly states that it's NOT the problem (not sure why he included it but whatever).

I personally agree with what he's saying. To me it seems like there are times that I'm moving the mouse but nothing is happening. Even if I've not fired anything yet and trying to just zero in on a target.

Recoil is a complex topic, and right now there are so many issues with dozens of duplicates, it's easy for one or two "innocents" to get caught in the crossfire. ;)

I changed the title and removed the extraneous parts of the description, since this report is about weapon sway and not recoil.

Looks like there is already an older ticket about weapon sway: #0001376.