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Shareable Editor Sessions / Simultaneous Mission Editing
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Add a feature to the ingame editor so that you can invite your friends to make a mission together. I can think of the following pros:

  • faster mission making (one works on BLUE while the other works on RED)
  • having fun together messing around in editor


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I can have very much fun on my own messing around in the editor. Trying things out, wrecking cars, shooting weapons, destroying buildings and so on. It would be huge if BI is able to add a feature to the editor with which you can invite people (e.g. your Steam friends) or give them your IP address, so they can join your editing mission.
As Arma is not only a milsim but also a huge sandbox, it would add a lot of hours of fun to the game.

PS: I know that BI is currently working on more important issues
PPS: Maybe BI can think of adding this feature in a future DLC when enough people show their interest?

Thanks for the great alpha!

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That would be incredibly helpfull for mission makers! I see a lot of possibilities here as for creating more complex scenarios and mission specific scripts, even just debugging and testing mission this way would be waaaay easier.

Sounds like it would require a lot of work from BIS, basically they would probably have to redo the editor.

I'm not sure if I got it right though, do you mean that you and your friends could edit mission at the same time? Like some Google Spreadsheet etc?

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Have you ever tried 3D editor? As basically it runs after you start a mission, not like 2d editor which you run before.

What we can do now is run empty mission with RealTimeEditor (RTE) and brush-out things, but unfortunately you can't save your changes.

Another case-study is when people work on new islands, ability to multiedit environment would incredibly help to anyone who wants to get help from community or friends.

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"Like some Google Spreadsheet etc?"

Yeah, like a Google Spreadsheet or Etherpad for example.

  1. Add admin panel script / addon
  2. Launch mission, spawn stuff, blow stuff up
  3. Profit
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Can you save missions you have edited with such a script?

No you can't, but you can use these tools to achieve your goals if you are proficient with scripting. That's exactly how I edit when I need to position something on the map, I do it in game with tools and then export coordinates or whatever I need into sqf that will be used in the mission.

This is the reply I made just before the other duplicate closed:

Great idea. Obviously someone creates a mission, then enables the multi mission editing for multiple players to edit the mission at the same time, and having a tool that is synchronized to the mission folder of the player who created the mission in the first place, thus allowing real time editing of scripts etc.

(I hope that I explained that clearly)

Have DropBox style synchronization for connecting to the mission folder, and when using Notepad++ if another person has edited the scripts, it will automatically inform the other person that the script has been modified, do you wish to reload it.

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Will this be getting a yes/no answer from the devs?

IDK bout this. I hate it to have other people help on my missions. SImply because you have to coördinate the rest. ALl ways takes to much time time i'd rather be spending on producing a product. But yes this sounds like a good idea. Instad of telling people where they should place it they can see it for themselfs. /Upvoted

If you want to work on one side while someone else works on the other, you can create separate missions, and then merge them in the editor, I believe.

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Is that really that hard to do still? With Eden?