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copyFromClipboard not returning anything.
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So... The scripting command copyToClipboard "AnyTextHereToCopy" works perfectly fine, however, copyFromClipboard doesn't seem to be working.

I don't think the command is disabled as it still returns a string. An empty string, but it still returns a string, as the command...

player groupChat (typeName (copyFromClipboard));

... prints out "STRING".


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Use the command copyFromClipboard.

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Not needed.

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Yeah, if you could just go ahead an fix this issue.. that´d be great.

But seriously, not being able to 'call compile copyFromClipboard' makes scripting damn tedious for me. It was such a great way to test code snippets and output variables on the fly.

So, pretty please with sugar on top, don´t let this one slip through just because it looks like a minor issue. At least for me it´s not.

I think the command you are looking for is:

player groupChat (str(copyFromClipboard));

which will print the string representation of the clipboard.

I tested running:

copyToClipboard "AnyTextHereToCopy"
player groupChat (str(copyFromClipboard));

and it printed ""AnyTextHereToCopy"" in my chat. Hope this helps.

Well, first off all I´m not looking for anything. The code I posted is tried and true. I´ve used it countless times in ArmA2 and just copied it over to my Arma3 mission, where it does nothing.

Secondly, I´ve tested your example and it printed """" aka an empty string, just as described by the OP. I can´t explain the different results, unless you accidentally started ArmA2 ;)

In any case the problem persists, even if it´s not 100% reproducible.

Ok, I did some research and found out the issue is directly related to
The command is only disabled in mp, that´s why we got different results.

Is it possible to rename and rephrase the ticket? Because the current description isn´t accurate anymore. Otherwise we should create a new ticket because it still is a problem.

Commands are disabled in MP :
[97106] Changed: copyFromClipboard now does nothing in MP, copyToClipboard does nothing in MP on clients.

Hope it will be enable back to allow import/export with community tools.

Summary and description should be updated.

Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.