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Medics healing makes beeping noise
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When I'm healing teammates in MP it makes Berlin noises as if I'm setting a charge.. R2d2 kind of sounds.. Anyone else?


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Heal someone

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Me too on coop play

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I think it is by design, some sort of medical tool or something.

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it's medic kit (backpack) it's imitates your pulse

okay.. i just used the yellow med pack (i forget what its called in game) and i thought it was just a bandage or something so the beeping seemed strange to me. havent used the actual "med kit" box though

just realized in description. it is BEEPING not Berlin noises.. Sorry autocorrect got me.

It's tied to the medic class.
That beep is the heart-beat sensor tool

I like it. It tells me the medic is finally doing his job after several failed attempts to order him to heal someone.

I think this is actually a feature, not a bug/glitch. The beeping is coming from some sort of medical tool/scanner that the medic is using. Makes sense, since this is 2035, after all.

Personally, I like it, as it lets you know that you are healing and that the healing is working.

By design, it's 2035, remember?