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Can't play some missions on latest patch
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On the latest patch (12.03.2013) you can't play certain mission because of missing A3_Soft_F_Galkin.


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Any specifics besides "some missions"?? Are they "official" missions, user-made missions, etc.?

If they're user-made (3rd party) missions then it's up to the mission maker to update them, not BIS.

Doesn't really help anyone when you use such vague descriptions, voting down
Also no way to repro the issue; no missions attached or links to the problem or anything

I haven't even been receiving any patches. How many have there been cause the game has never updated for me.

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Open mission.sqm in notepad and replace all "A3_soft_F_Galkin" with for example "O_Ifrit_MG_F" (machine gun version IFRIT) is one way to fix it. I suspect downgrading version to not devbuild and removing any IFRIT may repair it as well.

It was made public in devel branch changelog:

Hence mission makers need to change their missions, marking as no change (on behalf of BI) needed.