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Player joining with the development build causes whole sever to turn in to seagulls
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This has been going on since yesterday.
When someone with the "development build" available through steam options for Arma 3 Alpha joins a multiplayer server, everyone on the server turns in to a seagull. This is not hackers, as me and a few friends repeatedly reproduced the problem.


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Have a few people with the regular version of the game on a server.
Have someone with the development build of the game join the server.
Within a few seconds everyone will turn in to seagulls.

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Also when I tried to join one of my friends servers, the player list was empty and I had to click an empty text box. I clicked it and everything seem fine but when I loaded in the MP missions that's when I couldn't progress any further. So I backed out of the my friends server and tried again and this time the same empty box came up but I was able to see the Playable units list. I slotted in and pressed okay and was receiving the mission data. By this time my friend had already started the mission. Once I got in everyone got turned into a seagull.


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i think thats because, there is no JIP in this mission you tryed to start.

@G4rr4-Br is a spammer. Cause hes posting on anyones post about this bug. He must be one of those little no life kids server hopping and destroying peoples games.