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AH9/MH9 : kill the crew to get in, breaks the helicopter
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If you kill the crew attempting to get-in. Once you have chosen the get-in option, you will then get rid of the dead body to take place.

The corpse, stay just under the helicopter, stuck between cokpit and metal bars.

This cause the helicopter to take quick and heavy damages, as if the corpse was boxing the cokpit, rebounding between ground and cokpit.

So, the helicopter is useless cause fully damaged (engine, ins, hull).


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Steps To Reproduce

Editor, put friendly AH9/MH9 with crew and unlocked.

Shoot crew, get in the chopper. The top-left indicators show that the hellicopter is taking huge damages in short time.

Additional Information

Also, If your are fast enough, you can begin to start the engine.

The engine will stop immediatly, but the sound "chopper is starting" still plays to the end.

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