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AI onfoot Pathfinding
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Given an order to an AI controlled soldier, to walk up the steps to the top of a silo results in the AI cycling around and through the silo unable to find the steps to the silo.


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At the Northern end of the airstrip are a set of silos with steps leading to the top of the silos.

Create human player
create AI soldier of same side.
Walk up the steps of the silo to the top
Order the Solider to do the same

Result: AI cycles endlessly around and through the silo unable to find the steps to the silo.

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Well that's one point. Another Point is that Divers which are coming from the water to the coast of Agios Efstratios Dive into the peer and stuck there.

Closing due to lack of activity for over 5 months. If this issue/request is still valid in the latest dev build, please create a new ticket or ask for this one to be re-opened.