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OnKilled.sqf turns off sound in both single player and multiplayer
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This issue was bugging me so I figured I'd investigate it. The issue is easily fixed by using 0 fadesound 1 or 0 fademusic 1 to turn the sound and music back on. The issue occurs because onkilled.sqf fades the sound out when you die, and when it should fade it back in neither it nor onplayerrespawnasseagull.sqs return the sound to the player, the issue does not occur if the player teamswitches or respawns.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a MP game with respawn set to Seagull or group (such as headhunters)
  2. Get yourself killed with no AI etc to respawn as so you spawn as a seagull.
  3. You will no longer have sound.
  4. Either use a debug menu or some sort of additional script that lets you use the scripting command '0 fadesound 1' and sound will return.
Additional Information

Either onplayerrespawnasseagull.sqs should be edited to have '0.5 fadeSound 1;' placed somewhere or onplayerkilled should automatically unfade the sound after a certain amount of time as right now both the seagull script is broken and custom seagull scripts (such as spectator scripts) need the line added to them.

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Closing this as it is a dupe of #0001372, but since this issue contains lots of helpful info, I will link it from there. :)