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Can't place main weapon in inventory
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I am continuously having trouble using the inventory system to move weapons from a storage location into my own inventory, it works fine for everything else (Scopes, ammo, first aid etc). I end up having to drop the weapon on the ground from the storage box and then use the 'Pick up X weapon' from the scroll menu to equip the weapon into my inventory


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open up storage container (boot of car etc)
  2. Attempt to drag and drop weapon into inventory weapon slot

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I know this issue very well, as i was playing Wasteland mode I wasn't able to take a weapon out of a car, so i had to pull it over in my backpack and equiping it from there.

I noticed this happening with other items as well, not sure exactly why it occurs but perhaps the inventory limit on the crates is already maxed out thus you can't place more items in it. In the old days arma use to spill items out all over the ground that could not fit in the crate whenever someone attempted to put more in.

If this is the case then it be nice to have a weight indicator for crates so someone can determine if they are full or not (perhaps similar to how backpacks have a weight bar the fills up as they get more items in them).

Also when I have a main weapon equipped, if I open a storage container (i.e. boot of a car) Then move the weapon from my inventory to the storage container I can't move it back to my own inventory without dropping it on the ground first and using the scroll menu to pick it up directly.

Unable to repro.

Do you have still this issue?

Do you have this issue in editor or in showcases?
Do you have this issue in Escape from Stratis or Headhunters?

Yes we have still this issue.

Many times happen that.
-Sometimes I cant add my gun directly to my hand in the inventory just after I put it in my bag.
-Sometimes I cant add gun to my inventory at all, just after I drop it on the ground
-Sometimes I cant get the gun from the ground. (Worst case)

-Sometimes if I change my gun with which one is on the ground, and I repeat it 2 times, one of the guns disapear. (I dont know it is bug, or programmed)

This is still an issue as of Development Build 1.09.113420. I've tried removing all add-ons but that doesn't to fix the problem.
A video showing the issue can be viewed via this link

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same issue here. Sometime when ya more it from your hands to your back you lose all the attachments on the weapon as well.

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Not a problem anymore. If the Weapon fits into your backpack/vest then you can put it in there.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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