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Looking at the the top of trees while standing underneath of one lags fps by 10 to 20 fps
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while standing underneath trees and looking up at the leaves, it lags the game by 10 to 20 and sometimes worse fps.


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go in a forest, or the infantry showcase and look up while standing underneath trees, you will now feel the lag.

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Optimize the trees smoke and memory leaks on this game in the future. ive pretty much found all of the performance problems so this might be the last of my performance issue reports. Bohemia please fix these problems, i know its an alpha but i do not want this game to be as bad as arma 2

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EDIT: looking at a tree in general causes lag, even the little tiny trees that are 3 feet tall. if there was a different texture on the trees for the leaves, that would fix the problem.

Edit, im looking at a tree ingame, it looks like there are way too many leaves bunched up together, if the devs can remove alot of those bunched up leaves from the texture of every tree, that would get rid of alot of lag and optimize the game further

Edit, the more trees in a scene, the more it lags. due to the leaves bunching up by the thousands. its unnecessary and very laggy. done Editing this issue. hope it will be seen and fixed

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