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Make a tradtional style first person gunner cam
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PIP is taxing on some systems, but is required to use the TV weapons in first person on some vehicles. If PIP is turned off, the player stares at a blank screen.

Please create a traditional overlay for first person TV weapons similar to previous Arma games for lower end systems. Keep the current system for higher end machines.


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you dont have to use the pip screen just press numpad 0 while in the gunner seat

Dinger added a subscriber: Dinger.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

numpad 0 does it i think

Press [Num] 0 (default) to use sights! Works on EVERY weapon with sights available! Never used it in any ArmA title before?


God dammit, I'm typing too slow. :P

RTFM befor reporting issues !!
Actually, there's a manual for real in the game .......

The requested functionality is already in-game. Closing.