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Get an Anti-Cheat System Implemented asap
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The game is becoming impossible to play without encountering people that are constantly hacking. Or better yet. Find out who they are, where they live and kill them. Cause this is total bullshit that we cant even enjoy the game we pay for without dealing with hackers.


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At the very minimum add a feature int he anti hack system where if they are are banned one time from a server for hacking then their IP address is never allowed to connect to the multiplayer ever again

It isnt so much a hacking problem as it is script injection. Arma 3 is a simulator at heart, and allows players to use scripts while playing because during mods, active scripting is needed, this allows any player to use scripts, I.E. making everyone birds and so on.

Well, they may need to make the game require you to send in your scripts for verification to assure that its not a hack that will ruin the game for everyone else. If it doesnt pass then the anti cheat system will no allow that script to run.

Or somebody needs to port the server-based ban system which streams admin bans to other servers (not BE). This way if a hacker is banned on 1 server they will instantly lose access to all servers running the said ban stream; this system works amazing in hl2-based games.

Banning by IP is silly, its typical that a client may get a new IP at any given time and thus, negate the ban. Ban by GUID if you ban at all.

An anti-cheat system needs to be implemented. The main purpose of both the Alpha and Beta stages is to test the features of the game to insure they are working properly. With the scripts that have been created testing has become impossible in multiplier. Most servers that I join are hit within 3 minutes. This is a critical issue that I hope will be resolved swiftly so that we may get back to testing and reporting real issues.

Anti-cheat is in the works. No need to report it.