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Panic Button
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I would like to see a simple button/combination (e.g. CTRL+Y) to switch to "pistol->prone->CTRL+W" with your primary either completely dropped on the ground (so you have to access gear to pick it up) or throwing it as a part of the animation on the ground and picking it up afterwards if standing up again.
The stance feels pretty useless at the time, as you have to switch to the pistol and go prone->CTRL+W or crouch->CTRL+S(x2) or stand->CTRL+S(all the way down to the stance), which takes waaaaaaayyyyyyyy to long in any given situation.
(Yeah, I know, it feels CODish but I thouhgt I just might throw this in here.)


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Sorry, forgot about this: On another request (, I wrote that holding the F key is also a viable option.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Can't imagine a situation when this would be useful.

Switching from main weapon to pistol is only useful in close combat when you have no time to reload.

And if you still wish such functionality you can do it with key combos.

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no time to do that, sorry mate :(