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When flying the Helicopters with Keyboard & Mouse I'm unable to descend and
"bleed" my speed when pressing Z. Instead my helicopter goes into a nose dive and I have to do my landing all over again [Unless I use auto-hover but its too slow]




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Never had this problem. When you're decreasing thrust aren't you adjust tilt simultaneously?

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Never happened to me and this is not really something you call "Autorotation", but it would be cool to have realistic autorotation :D

I rebinded my keys and not sure what OP is meaning by "Z"... But by guess.. "Z" is half of the rudders no?

From my experience.. Something is VERY WRONG with the right rudder.... It's almost as if its applying both "right rudder" and "pitch down"

when in sky and pressing left rudder, and i'm not moving and not in auto hover, the chopper turns left fine.. .when pressing right rudder the chopper nose dives and slightly turns.... Indicating something severely wrong with the keybinds.. If I was over 60 in speed or something, that I would understand... but i should turn right like I was a bowl of toilet water :D (without the being flushed down the drain action of course"

Keybinding issue; you need to tell us what functions the keys are bound to.

No repro available, plus cannot repro myself. Please come again, if the issue persists after correcting your keybindings.