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The Radio of Arma 3 Multi Player
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Well. I think I am not the only one who got annoyed by the radio in Arma 3 Multi Player.. That "1 fall back" "4 Is down..6 is down" And all that thing what spams you on Multi Player. This is useless messages on multiplayer i think it should be deleted. Just Let the thing when you spot an enemy so you can announce you've spot an enemy like "Enemy UAV 100 m North-East" (that's only an exemple)

Now to Microphones. Well, I think the Direct Speak (To speak to nearest people) Should be like in Arma 2, that depends of your location like. If your a bit fare on my right I should hear only on the Right Speaker and a bit lower and so on.


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"If your a bit fare on my right I should hear only on the Right Speaker and a bit lower and so on."

If I'm not mistaken, this would be unrealistic. In real life, the radios transmit directly (to other local radios) without hitting a transmitter for transmitting the signal farther. As such, "Direct" only transmits extremely locally to other local radios for a certain number of radius miles. (If I'm not mistaken, on some server maps, you can see a circle around your icon on the map depicting the radius miles your radio can be heard?)

Now, in order for this to be a feature in the radio world, the radios would also need to be equipped with some sort of gps device, so the radio can distinguish each radio or player's location.

I give you kudos for mentioning this feature though.

A better feature would be to inhibit or simulate some static/digitization on obstacles or mountains when on direct.

@rogerx, this is what I was talking about.
As you can see, as near is he you can hear him better and louder, as fare he is you hear it lower. On arma 3 dose not depend on the distance.. Is like. You can be 50 M away from me i still hear you like you should me near me.
As you know, you pres < > to change the "channel" where to speak. Here I am talking about Direct Speak, to speak to nearest persons. Well Arma 3 dose not have the feature like in Arma 3 with the distance sound. That's what I was talking about. I hope i've clear this out.

Oh, you're simply talking about simulating normal talking without using radios. Arma 3 has some pretty extensive terrain, making radios more desirable and normal talking sort of obsolete unless somebody steals your radio.

I don't even think this feature would minimize radio chatter as it would in real world either. Sounds more like something to look forward within the next version.

I forgot to also mention, talking without radios does prevent unnecessary radio chatter. ;-) But I think this might make the game more complex.

I speculate, if voice activated chatting is enhanced or more dependable (if it isn't already), then this would be a good default option for those not knowing how to talk on radios.

But some only speak, and speak with the intention of using a radio only.

So really, I think this is more of a feature for the next version, or a future mod.

Don't get me wrong, I really like this idea, I just don't see it being something ARMA devs will have time for. ;-) ... I would definitely be expecting this to be modded within the near future though.

The automatic radio chat in the multiplayer is unrealistic for player units.
In many situations the unit automatic report visual enemy even when the player isn't see enemy units.
If the player play with unit(not AI) then the player job to report visuals and other things.

Would be good to see option for this in the difficulty settings. For veteran level sould be disabled the radio by default.

I think you have two different understandings of direct communication. One of you thinks it cover actual speech in proximity. The other is of the understanding that direct communication is a low range radio frequency.

Mission makers can disable the vocal chatter, there is also an addon for it on armaholic.

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Agree, the constant chatter in mp is really annoying. I think the radio should only be used intentionally. About direct speak: I hadn't noticed it isn't dependant on distance, it used to be, though no one but me ever uses it in mp.
Would be nice if we could by default have separate ptt button for direct speak and the other channels. This can be manually set in options though.

TAW servers seems to have fixed the automatic radio spamming issues somehow. Also, I when I was playing on the TAW server last night, (Voice Chat) global/side/direct/vehicle/group channels seem to be working as intended and we were extremely efficient with the radios. Either we all knew better to avoid using global/side channels, or TAW fixed something with direct/vehicle channels emulating local two-way radio usage, I don't know. Think we all had a really good pleasant gaming experience, until the server went down.

Stiffwood: My perception is direct channel is a limited range without using the radio transmitter/repeater. Basically radio to radio or radio to vehicle. Another ARMA page describe this as such. Since it's referred to as the "Direct Channel", I would imagine this is emulating a radio channel, and not emulating regular voice communication between players. This would make sense, because what if you have more than one group nearby and needed to communicate to all groups within your immediate vicinity? But I have seen evidence on the TAW server of the soft proximity voice chat on the TAW server last night. Maybe there's some server side scripting allowing redefinition of the functions of "direct channel", causing confusion amongst us?

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Do people not get that direct channel is proximity voice, simulating speaking "directly"?

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I'm with you Huron, Direct works perfectly as is. I think the issue here is the excessive AI radio chatter... What I don't think most people understand is the difference between RADIO and VON.

Well. When I made this report there were no Direct Comunication... But seems like after few updates it was fixed. I just don't know how i can close this..

Thanks for the feedback.