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Helicopters decend to slowley
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Helicopters take to long to decend, to decend you have to come to a complete stopm but even then, its very slow.


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Considering BIS made the Take On Helicopters, they know what they're doing. I'd say it's fine now

I heard that the flight model from ToH wasn't fully implemented in A3 yet. That would explain even more the current behaviour

also you should dive down as low as u can first then lower yourself.. dont just lower from high alt

Who ever made this ticked has not tried flying upside down.


Yeah i dive down as close as i can to the ground, but then your going 100-150 MPH and have to peel off that speed in a series of sharp turns, wjhich takes up alot of time.

@dBait- did you play arma2? it took me a while to figure this out in arma 2 as far as heli physics etc...but now Im so used to it I like it. feels realistic to me..i just go watch some real choppers and it helps me realise its not that far off. I am definitly not debating you. I may simpy be used to it. I also use a xbox controler when I fly so who knows

either way- ivgori and prospekt are right..can only get better

ok guys. I think I figured out the problem... and yes, it was me, or rather my joystick. For what ever reason i wasn't getting my full range. i re-calibrated it and now its working better.

Now, any idea on how to close this ticket?

closing per owner request